Our small family breeding program is committed to raising healthy, happy, beautiful, and intelligent Championship pedigreed AKC miniature poodles.

I am doing so for over 22 years.



For the confirmation/performance, show ring, obedience, therapy dogs, and loving pet home.


Our poodles are our family members and live with us in our home, even sharing our beds.

Our puppies are kept in our bedroom until they are a few weeks old and ready to explore the house.


We begin early neurological stimulation at three days old. 

Our poodles are lovely and lively. Their intelligence is beyond compare.

They are handled and played with daily.

They know what a “normal” house sound is. Kids, television, radio, vacuum cleaners..etc


We do not run a kennel and want to be able to give all of our poodles the attention and love they need and only raise a few litters a year. 


If you are interested in a well-raised and socialized puppy, please feel free to reach out to us.

 We love to talk about our poodles!



AKC Red Miniature Poodles

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Contact me!

Terri @ spbrookpoos@gmail.com